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We develop people for success
by teaching them how to
tap into the 
Problem-Solving ability within them.


Kent is a husband, father, grandfather, business owner and entrepreneur.  He experiences life's issues in the same way as the rest of the world.  However, he learned many years ago he had the ability to solve problems with ease and confidence.  As he applied the principles in one area, the problem-solving ability spilled over to the other areas of his life.

After he realized that this same concept could help others, he started teaching individuals, offering seminars and writing books. For the last five years he has been expanding his knowledge and application of SuperNatural Problem-Solving and is looking for every opportunity to share what he has learned, how to apply it and the result of putting it into action.

Kent Gidcumb
12018 Award.jpg

    SuperNatural Problem-Solvers has been selected for the

                                 2018 Best of Joliet Awards

                               in the category of Consultant.

           The Best of Joliet, Illinois Award was established to                        recognize  the best of local businesses in our community.

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